Seniors Assistance for You

You’re independent. You are self reliant and you are not ready to give up your freedom, but there are some things that are harder than they used to be. Sometimes you just need a hand to get those things done. We can help. Whether it is grocery shopping, a ride to the doctor or a trip to the pharmacy, even replacing a lightbulb, Ingrid can help. Don’t want to climb or descend into the basement to do laundry? We’ll have it done for you.

Senior Assistance for a Loved One

You’d love to be there to help, but due to distance or family or work obligations, those hours are hard to come by. You can still show you care. Affordable Personal Services can help by making sure your loved on is in a safe and healthy environment. We can also do wellness checks and prepare reports so that you can monitor the progress of your loved ones and be alert if there are any concerns or issue. What better way to ensure your parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle is taken care of and your own peace of mind. We can do shopping, meal preparation, general chores, companionship, and actively engage and mentally stimulate your loved one to ensure a the best possible quality of life.


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Two small horses in a corral for pet sitting