Senior Pets

Welcoming a furry family member into your home brings immeasurable joy, and as they age, their needs evolve. At Affordable Personal Services, I recognize the unique care requirements of older pets and are committed to providing a specialized approach that ensures their comfort, well-being, and happiness.

Tailored Care for Aging Companions

Older pets often require specific attention to address mobility issues, dietary restrictions, and any health concerns that may arise with age. I am well-versed in catering to the unique needs of senior animals, creating a customized care plan that aligns with their individual requirements.

Gentle Exercise and Stimulation

While some older pets may not be as active as they once were, regular, gentle exercise is crucial for maintaining their mobility and mental well-being. I understand the delicate balance needed and provide tailored activities to keep your senior pet engaged and comfortable.

Specialized Feeding and Medication Administration

As pets age, dietary needs and medication regimens may change. I am adept at administering medications and following specific feeding guidelines, ensuring your older pet receives the nutrition and care necessary to thrive in their golden years.

Observant Monitoring and Prompt Intervention

Older pets may be more prone to health issues, and early detection is key. I am a vigilant observer, keenly attuned to any changes in behavior, appetite, or mobility. Should any concerns arise, I act promptly to ensure your pet’s health is prioritized. I keep up with evolving pet healthcare and my experience helps me recognize issues that may be over looked. 

Regular Updates and Communication

I understand the importance of keeping you informed about your older pet’s well-being. I provide regular updates, including photos and detailed reports, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your senior companion is in good hands.

Choosing Affordable Personal Services means entrusting your older pet to me who is so very dedicated to making their aging journey as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Contact me today to discuss how we can provide specialized care for your beloved senior pet.

older dog being pet on the head
older cat
Smiling older dog