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Ingrid dog-sat my dogs when I had to run out of town. My dogs got to stay home where they most comfortable and I was able to travel knowing that my dogs were in good hands.

– Lantz P, West Haven,  CT

I have known Ingrid since she was very young. And when my father moved into my home he required round the clock nursing care. He required prescription management, help with dressing, food preparation and caring companionship. Ingrid provided all these with the most caring attitude as if this was her own father. Most importantly, Ingrid proved to be one of the most trustworthy and dependable caretakers that I employed. She did her utmost best to take care of my father and made sure that he was comfortable till the day he passed away, and I thank her for that.

–Heike Bain, Orange, CT

I have known Ingrid for the past 3 years.  We met as volunteers for an animal  organization and became friends.  Ingrid has tirelessly provided grooming for my precious yorkie through that time as well as supporting me with the care and maintainence of numerous other pets. She is proficient in all aspects of a wide variety of animal care. At this point in my life with some serious health issues, I find myself the very fortunate recipient of her compassion and expertise.  I am well versed in health and medicine so I know what to expect. This beautiful lady is honest, compassionate, and skilled far beyond expectation.  She is hard working and experienced in many areas and possesses a strong work ethic. All this is accomplished with her unique humility.  To know her is to look forward to learning more. I value Ingrid and highly recommend her work.
Paula Pryor, Shelton, CT